Exploring the Rich Flavours of the North

Scandinavia, comprising the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, is a realm of captivating contrasts.

Nestled in Northern Europe, this region boasts a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition. From the majestic fjords of Norway to the vibrant streets of Stockholm and the fairy-tale charm of Copenhagen, Scandinavia is a tapestry of diverse experiences.

We Recommend

  • Embark on a journey through Norway’s breathtaking fjords, where towering cliffs meet tranquil waters
  • Explore the archipelago of Stockholm, comprising thousands of islands.
  • Delight in the enchanting Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, a historic amusement park where old-world charm meets thrilling rides and entertainment.
  • Immerse yourself in Sweden’s wilderness, from the stunning landscapes of Lapland to the serene shores of Lake Vänern, the largest lake in the European Union.
  • Uncover the rich Viking history of Scandinavia by visiting museums and historical sites
  • Witness the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis in the Arctic regions of Norway and Sweden, where the night sky comes alive with dancing lights.

Travel Tips

Weather Variations

Be prepared for varying weather conditions across the region, from the mild summers to cold winters. Pack accordingly with layers and weather-appropriate attire.


English is widely spoken in Scandinavia, making communication with locals easy. However, learning a few basic phrases in the local languages (Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish) can enhance your experience.


The currencies of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are the Norwegian Krone (NOK), Swedish Krona (SEK), and Danish Krone (DKK) respectively. Credit cards are widely accepted, but having some local currency can be helpful, especially in rural areas.

Public Transport

Scandinavia has an efficient and well-connected public transportation system, including trains, buses, and ferries. The comprehensive network mak

Eat & Drink

  • Smörgåsbord Delights: In Sweden, embrace the tradition of the smörgåsbord, a feast of diverse dishes that showcases herring, gravlax, cured meats, and an array of pickled delicacies.
  • Nordic Cuisine: Experience the essence of Nordic cuisine, characterized by clean flavors and a focus on locally sourced ingredients. 
  • Danish Pastries: Indulge in the world-famous Danish pastries known as “wienerbrød,” available in various flavors and fillings. 
  • Fika Tradition: Embrace the Swedish fika tradition, a cherished ritual of taking a break for coffee and pastries.
  • Craft Beer and Aquavit: Explore the burgeoning craft beer scene in Scandinavia, with microbreweries producing a wide range of unique flavors.