A Journey to Tahiti's Tropical Paradise

Nestled in the South Pacific within the Society Islands, Tahiti stands as the largest among French Polynesia's 118 islands and atolls.

Encompassing an archipelago including Bora Bora, Raiatea, Taha'a, Huahine, and Moorea, Tahiti's legendary name not only symbolizes the island itself but the entirety of French Polynesia. With a population of 127,000, of which around 83% have Polynesian heritage, Tahiti exudes the allure of the South Pacific's exotic beauty and cultural richness.

We Recommend

  • Breathtaking Lagoons: Tahiti’s iconic turquoise lagoons, fringed by white sands, offer endless water activities like snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding.
  • Moorea’s Majesty: Explore Moorea’s captivating landscapes of volcanic peaks, lush valleys, and crystalline waters, just a ferry ride away from Tahiti.
  • Bora Bora’s Romance: Indulge in romance on Bora Bora with overwater bungalows, coral reefs, and mesmerizing sunsets, making it a haven for couples.
  • Local Culture: Immerse in Tahitian life through dance performances, local markets, and Polynesian cuisine, enhanced by the warm hospitality of the locals.
  • Ancient Marae Sites: Tahiti’s stone temples and marae sites offer a glimpse into its history and spiritual heritage, reflecting the island’s rich past.
  • Mount Otemanu: Conquer Bora Bora’s highest peak, Mount Otemanu, for sweeping views of the island’s beauty from its summit.
  • Black Pearl Farms: Uncover the mystery of Tahiti’s black pearls by visiting pearl farms and witnessing the delicate process of their creation from the ocean’s depths.

Travel Tips

Faa'a International Airport

As the main gateway to Tahiti, Faa'a International Airport welcomes visitors with a blend of local charm and international convenience. Airport shuttles and taxis provide seamless transportation to various accommodations.

Local Transportation

Explore Tahiti's beauty by renting a car, scooter, or bicycle, giving you the freedom to traverse the island's picturesque landscapes at your own pace. Local buses also offer an affordable way to get around.


The currency used in Tahiti is the French Pacific Franc (XPF), which is widely accepted throughout French Polynesia. Major credit cards are also commonly used in hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Eat & Drink

Indulge in the culinary delights of Tahiti, from traditional Poisson Cru to lime-marinated E'ia Ota, showcasing the island's fresh seafood and indigenous ingredients. Experience the vibrant food culture at local roulottes, offering a variety of dishes at night markets. For an upscale experience, savor exquisite French-Polynesian fusion cuisine with breathtaking views at waterfront fine dining establishments.