Cook Islands

“Kia Orana" - Welcome to the Enchanting Cook Islands

Explore the beauty of the Cook Islands, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the South Pacific.

Every island in this idyllic paradise boasts its own distinctive charm, stories, and awe-inspiring scenery, all enhanced by the heartfelt hospitality of its residents. From immaculate white sandy shores to pristine, crystal-clear blue lagoons and verdant rainforests teeming with wildlife, the Cook Islands are a rich treasure chest ready for your exploration.

We Recommend

  • Sail the Azure Waters: Set sail or cruise in glass-bottom boats to witness vibrant marine life and stunning coral reefs beneath turquoise waters.
  • Aitutaki Lagoon: Dive into Aitutaki’s crystal-clear lagoon, surrounded by white beaches, and explore its captivating marine wonders.
  • Atiu’s Natural Wonders: Discover Atiu’s unique Makatea, an elevated volcanic rock encircled by a coral reef, a paradise for bird watchers and naturalists.
  • Te Vara Nui’s Cultural Journey: Immerse yourself in local culture at Te Vara Nui Village, where history and traditional dances come alive, complemented by delectable buffets.
  • SS Matai Wreck: Dive into history at the sunken SS Matai wreck, an intriguing site in Avarua that attracts divers and adventure seekers.
  • Maire Nui Botanical Gardens: Wander through Maire Nui Botanical Gardens, a serene haven showcasing exotic tropical plants and flowers.
  • Hiking Amidst Nature’s Beauty Trek Rarotonga’s trails with Pa’s Treks Day Tours, whether it’s the cross-islands trek or the informative Pa’s nature walk (Eco Tour).

Travel Tips


Island Arrival Rarotonga International Airport welcomes you to the main island, with easy transfers to accommodations available. Flights by Air Rarotonga offer access to other islands, and island passes provide a convenient way to explore the region.

Getting Around

Travel with Comfort CITA, the Cook Islands Taxi Association, ensures a seamless 24/7 taxi service. Island exploration is made effortless with reliable transportation options.

Eat & Drink

Indulge in culinary treasures like seafood delights at The Mooring Fish Cafe and savory dishes at Kikau Hut, where live music adds to the atmosphere. Experience elegance at Tuoro Restaurant & Cafe and Tamarind House, and savor waffles at The Waffle Shack, a perfect treat any time of day.