New Caledonia

Pacific Paradise Awaits

Welcome to New Caledonia, a captivating slice of the Pacific

Where turquoise waters meet lush landscapes and diverse cultures. This French territory boasts an enchanting blend of French sophistication and Pacific warmth, inviting you to explore its unique charm. From pristine beaches to vibrant coral reefs and rolling mountains, New Caledonia offers a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered.

We Recommend

  • Lagoon Exploration: Plunge into the UNESCO-listed world’s largest lagoon, revealing a vibrant underwater realm of coral, marine life, and hidden caves.
  • Île des Pins: Discover the “Jewel of the Pacific,” Île des Pins, boasting white-sand beaches, lush pine forests, and natural beauty that beckons exploration.
  • Nouméa’s Charm: Uncover the fusion of French elegance and Pacific vibrancy in Nouméa, where local markets, gourmet cuisine, and city life await.
  • Heart of Voh: Behold the awe-inspiring Heart of Voh, a natural wonder visible from above—an enchanting heart-shaped mangrove formation.
  • Cultural Immersion: Engage with Kanak culture by delving into traditional villages, immersing yourself in customs, music, and artistry

Travel Tips

Tontouta International Airport

Arrive at Tontouta International Airport, the main gateway to New Caledonia. From here, explore the mainland or take short flights to the enchanting Loyalty Islands.

Local Transport

Navigate the islands with ease using public buses, rental cars, or bicycles. Ferries are a convenient way to explore nearby islands and experience the archipelago's diversity.

Language and Currency

French is the official language, and the currency used is the CFP Franc. English is also spoken in tourist areas, making communication straightforward for visitors.

Eat & Drink

Savor Nouméa's Gastronomy: Experience the exquisite fusion of French and Pacific flavors in Nouméa's culinary scene, from fresh seafood and artisanal products to mouth watering pastries. Bougna Feast: Delight in the traditional Bougna dish—a delectable mix of chicken, yam, and coconut milk slow-cooked in banana leaves. This Kanak specialty offers a taste of authentic culture. Market Delicacies: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of local markets like Port Moselle Market, where tropical fruits, spices, and local products await discovery.