Discover the Hidden Treasures of Samoa

Set within the expanse of the South Pacific Ocean

Samoa stands as an island nation of Polynesia, its allure stretching beyond its 185,000 residents to captivate hearts across the globe. From idyllic beaches and lush rainforests to vibrant marine life beneath crystalline waters, Samoa remains a paradisiacal haven.

We Recommend

  • Swimming and Snorkeling: Dive into Samoa’s vibrant waters and encounter the world’s most stunning coral gardens
  • Fuipisia Falls: Venture to the awe-inspiring 55m high Fuipisia Falls for an invigorating hike and jungle waterfall experience in Lotofaga village.
  • Sopoaga Falls: Discover the picturesque Sopoaga Falls, where a charming garden and picnic area enhance the beauty of this powerful cascade. 
  • Upolu: Unveil the heart of Samoa on Upolu island, where the capital city of Apia beckons with its cultural heritage, history, and local life.
  •  Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral: Admire the exquisite architecture and stained glass of Apia’s central cathedral, a beacon of faith. 
  • Tafa Tafa Beach: Relish the sun-drenched shores of Tafa Tafa Beach, offering serene white sands and clear blue waters for ultimate relaxation.
  •  Lefaga Beach: Recline on Lefaga Beach, known for its starring role in the film “Return to Paradise,” and bask in its tranquil beauty. 
  • The Rainforests: Explore Samoa’s lush rainforests, a thriving ecosystem of diverse flora and fauna nestled in the embrace of tropical paradise.
  • Samoa Cultural Village: Immerse yourself in the customs, songs, dances, and rituals of the indigenous population

Travel Tips

Passenger/Vehicle Ferry

Traverse between Upolu and Savaii islands via the Samoa Shipping Corporation's passenger/vehicle ferry.


Opt for taxis for island exploration, negotiating fares beforehand, or explore with the colorful local buses for an authentic experience.


Faleolo International Airport on Upolu island serves as Samoa's main entry point, offering convenient shuttles to major hotels.

Eat & Drink

Savor delectable cuisine at Kokobanana Bar & Grill, indulge in European-Mediterranean flavors at Bistro Tatau, relish Samoan-American burgers at Izzy's, and dine on fresh seafood at Vailili Restaurant and South Pacific Restaurant. Discover culinary excellence at Scalinis Restaurant, a gem known for its Italian-inspired delights.